Paranormal Romance ll Soul Bond

An unwilling necromancer. A cursed vampire. And a wolfblood out for vengence.

Zoe Dorte hates talking to the dead. They always tell the truth.

So when broken dishes and spilt food summon an Underword shade with grim news, Zoe barrels home to pack her bags...and run.

A Hunter, a dangerous wolfblood, has her scent.

But slamming open her front door, Zoe comes face-to-face with a vampire. Worse there's the burn of sour magick about him, the stink of a curse and something else, something that rocks her: the impossiblity of a soul-bond.

A soul-mate...her? Her?

On the night of the rarest of moons, Zoe's world is upended. And with a Hunter out for her blood, will her ached-for bond die with the rising of the sun?

BITTEN is the exciting third standalone book in the Magick and Monsters paranormal romances series.

If you like gorgeous vampires, old-style necromancy and a heavy dose of soul-bonding then you'll love Kim Knox's new book!

Sink your teeth into BITTEN today!


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Magick and Monsters : Book Three