Science Fiction Romance ll Sentient Ship

Or so I thought..For Melissa ‘Lucky’ Chance, another stretch in Ganymede’s ice-prison would be a breeze. Too bad the judge deciding her fate has other ideas. He needs to make an example and she’s it. With a death sentence on her head, her only chance of escape lies with the man known as the Butcher.

John Ramius, infamous as the Butcher, is an Earth-augmented human. He’s also, under Jovian law, a convicted mass murderer and criminally insane. But is he really? Her government lies. She doesn’t know what to believe. Her doubt should mean she shouldn’t find him so attractive, but hell, her life is crazy. Since when could she resist a beautiful man? And he promises to be…wicked.

Even as they try to escape the forces of Jovian colonies, Ramius will let nothing stand in the way of his imperative, the need that drives him. He has to kill the Jovian leader, the Sun-King. He can’t find rest until he does.

Now Chance is wrapped up in old murders, old lies. And her growing need for Ramius may not be something she can survive..



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