Erotic Science Fiction Romance II Demons


Anya is alone, working on an array orbiting a distant moon, the isolation seriously cramping her access to sex. Until her remaining thirteen days are up, her own fingers will have to do—or so she thinks.

The Yalene--and Damianos--have other plans.

A race of pure energy, the Yalene seek pleasure in flesh and have an unusual talent. They can fracture into as many lovers as Anya needs. She is a rare find, and they intend to enjoy her and love her every chance and every way they can.

But to keep her they need an anchor, another body to fix them in her dimension.

And a prime candidate is on his way.


Fadeyka Bryce is on the run.

She uncovered a dark family secret and now there's a price on her head. Her best plan is to hide out until she can buy herself a new name and a new face.

However, the Athanasios--a race of pure energy--has plans for her. They've been waiting for her, for her unique flesh...and they ache to experience pleasure. They can become as many lovers as Fade could ever dream of...except for one will of man. Taras Foster.

But the Athanasios want him too.


Erotic Science Fiction Romance ll Demons

Erotic Science Fiction Romance ll Demons

Adela Tilman is a woman pursued by strange lovers she can’t see.

Unseen hands and mouths and tongues tease and torment her. They hint at exquisite release…but never quite fulfil that dark promise.

Worse, something about the new insanity of her life has pulled Marcus Yeats back into her world.

Marcus is a man who has fueled her fantasies for years, a man she ran from after one mad moment of indiscretion. But here she is again. Caught by him…and wanting so much more than an illicit fumble or the hands of strangers tormenting her body for too few moments.

Now everything is about to change.

Idaeus has found them both.

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